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First off to those still waiting on prints I apologize for the wait but I will be getting them out this weekend before I have surgery on Monday.

I have updated Hannah’s page with a couple new pictures and an update on Hannah from Karyn.

Starting November 1st I will be promoting some new artwork for epilepsy awareness month and then more new stuff in December for Christmas. All prints will be mailed out after the new year.


Artwork is on it’s way!

The artwork from the last stretch of Chris’ 24th birthday is printed and on it’s way to me. So as soon as it arrives I will get everyone’s pieces out to you.

We also have a brand new layout for a brand new year of fundraising for Chris’ BIG quarter of a century birthday! You will notice our total on the donation page just not roll back and that’s because if we were to do that we’d lose our custom Chris Colfer url and I don’t want to do that we’ve had it for almost 2 yrs so many donors know just where to go.

Last but not least I got to have the honor again to meet Chris briefly in private last Sunday in Coral Gables Florida. I was able to get him to sign 7 books for me. Give him a piece of CBs artwork and let him know she’s working on a piece that will go along with the Brian TLOS of their sweet new addition Cooper. He’s very excited about that – and I got to get a nice picture with him. He’s just so sweet. And both Alla and Melanie are wonderful.

Me with Chris July 13th 2014 at Books and Books in Coral Gables Florida

Me with Chris July 13th 2014 at Books and Books in Coral Gables Florida

Ok final stretch guys! Here are the final 3 pieces of Artwork!

We’re in the final stretch everyone. Christopher’s birthday is in 22 days! Let raise some MONEY!!!!

Final 3 pieces available for this year’s birthday fundraiser are all by Colleen – one is exclusive and never been seen until today!


No go DONATE and then remember to send me an email to telling me what pieces of artwork you’d like!

Updates! Art on it’s way! New Art Available! Let’s raise money for FACES!!!!

First off those who donated and requested the prints Chris Rolling Stone & Chris GQ they are finally here! I will be mailing off all the remaining prints from that time this week.

Next we are down to the wire. We have 6 weeks left until Christopher’s 24th birthday and we need to raise $7,000 in that time if we’re going to make our goal for this year. With that said starting today I have 3 NEW prints from CB and 3 NEW prints from Colleen available with donation. Again they will be 5×7 prints so the donation per print is $10. These are available with donation until Christopher’s birthday on May 27th after which I will give Colleen the amount of prints needed per print and she will then get them printed. So these prints will be mailed out approximately 4 wks AFTER Christopher’s birthday. We still have giveaways to do – we are only $25 away from one right now for a signed copy of TLOS2. Remember to email me at when you donate and let me know how much you donated along with what prints you’d like. If you are interested in any of the older prints just ask I have some of everything available.

Prints by CB

Prints by Colleen

Ok lastly I will be able to offer 3 more of Colleen’s amazing drawings before the end of this years goal. I will add the final 3 around May 1st for the final 3 wks of fundraising. One of which is brand new (not yet finished) and never before seen and will be exclusive to us!

One last question I wanted to ask is anyone interested in me setting up a birthday card for Christopher again this year? If so I’d have it professionally printed by the company this time instead of printing it out myself and mailing it to Karyn. If anyone is interested in me doing this tweet me @christinenoel70 or shoot me an email at

Now go DONATE!


Ok Colleen has had the Chris Rolling Stones & Chris GQ prints re-printed for a 3rd time. Apparently the 2nd batch she printed and mailed made it here to Florida somewhere but not to me. Hopefully I WILL have them this week and I will get the prints out to those who chose those prints. I haven’t forgotten you!

Next we have a LOT of work to do we need to raise $7k by Christopher’s birthday on May 2th to make out goal. I still have prints of Colleen’s and CB’s (just ask if you see something and want to know if I have it) And I can also include if you want the prints I have of Cory & Lea and the one of Monchele is also available. (and I have a couple I don’t have posted of Klaine & Brittana – very limited but I don’t want to print them out of respect for Chris/Darren & Naya/Heather – they are beautiful but a bit risque)

Another thing to add I will be choosing 5 more of Colleen’s prints that will be offered to donors throughout the last month of this year’s fundraiser (from April 27th to May 27th) so if you have certain prints of hers I haven’t chosen and would like to suggest a choice let me know. And CB will be doing 3 more original’s for us also.

Do go and DONATE I have prints and prizes to give away and I can’t if no one donates! And send any questions to me at


All but 2 of the prints have arrived for those who donated and are awaiting their artwork. I have all of CB’s and 3 of Colleen’s prints. The Chris GQ and Chris Rolling Stone prints had to be reprinted so Colleen is working on getting those to me asap. If you chose those 2 prints (or one of those 2) I will be holding off until I have them so they can all be shipped at once. If you chose CB’s or either Klaine print or the Chris side eye those are all here so I will be getting those in the mail asap! Thanks for your patience. If you are still interested in any prints you can email me and ask if I have extras.

Chrisie & Casey

It’s a New Year – Let’s raise some money!!!

It’s a new year and I’m even more determined to find a cure for this sweet young lady! If you’re a fan of Chris Colfer you know about his little sister Hannah if you’re not watch her story and consider helping raise money for epilepsy research and awareness.

and donate to Chris Colfer Army for FACES – when people ask me ‘why’ I do this when I don’t get paid or tell me I ‘know too much’ about this family it’s not because Christopher is a famous actor/writer/singer it’s because of this beautiful young lady!

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Just wanted to let those who have donated know that Colleen is home from the hospital and recuperating so I should have the prints sometime in the next week and I’ll be mailing them out! If you still want a print they are still available till at least December 31st.

Here are the prints being offered by CB: (5×7)

Prints offered by Colleen (5×7)

Donate here and don’t forget to email me with how much you donated and what prints you would like

Chrisie & Casey


I just wanted to send out an update to all of our donors regarding their prints. I had hoped to have them by the first week of December to mail out but unfortunately Colleen has been in the hospital since November 26th and went in for surgery on Thursday December 5th. So as soon as she’s well she will get all the prints to me (she is graciously printing CB’s art for us at no cost as well) I will be mailing them out asap! So just send your prayers and good thoughts her way for a speedy recovery!

Chrisie & Casey

Christmas is coming! Let’s raise some money!!!!

Christmas is coming! So as a way to ‘give’ something to Christopher for Christmas (as he has asked fans in the past to please donate instead of sending him gifts) I’d love to get our total raised to $9,000 by December 31st! To help that along Colleen & CB are offering some of their GORGEOUS drawings for me to offer to donors. Prints will be either 5×7 or 6×9 depending on what size the print will look best. For $10 you can have your choice of 1 print, $20 any 2 and so forth.

Here are the prints being offered by CB: (5×7)

Prints offered by Colleen (either 5×7 or 6×9)

All prints will be printed at the beginning of December and mailed out as soon as I get them. I ship anywhere.

Also look for a drawing to be done when we hit $8000 and again at $9000 – but to be entered you HAVE to email me at how much you donated (and tell me what prints you want and where to send them) as w/o this is information I don’t know how to contact you or put your name in the drawings. You get 1 entry for every $5 you donate.

Prints will be limited and available till December 31st or while supplies last

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